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David Roussève just completed the writing of “Twit,” a feature screenplay version of his evening-length dance/theater work “Stardust.”

A coming of age story for the twitter generation, "Twit" follows a lonely 12-year-old gay African American, nicknamed Twit for his obsession with twitter, as he retreats into his imagination to save his soul from a relentless cesspool of bullying. Expressing himself through a series of tweets he is sending–but that no one is following–and guided the fantastical BFFs in his mind (including characters escaped from black and white films, a seven foot white rabbit, and the compassionate dancers that spring from his mind) Twit’s journey leads from violence to an unexpected spiritual redemption.

Check back for updates!!


“Lost in the Stars”
January 2017

In January 2017 David Roussève will choreograph Kurt Weill’s “Lost in the Stars,” a musical adaptation of Athol Fugard’s literary classic “Cry the Beloved Country.”  The work will be directed by Anne Bogart, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane (Music Director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra), and performed by a cast including members of by SITI company.

Performances will be January 28-29, 2017, presented by UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance at Royce Hall. Info here.



In August 2016 David created “Enough?”–a duet commissioned and performed by San Francisco’s RAWDance for a concert of twelve duets, each two to four minutes long, choreographed by twelve different California choreographers. “Enough?” layered video, dance, and music by Aretha Franklin to ask whether dance can even begin to address social issues like the murders that led to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

An emotional, sometimes jarring, though necessary work, Roussève hopes that by simply asking the question “Can dance matter?” the answer becomes an emphatic “Yes!”