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The Washington Times

“Among the many disparate elements adding to the work's richness: the haunting Portuguese fado music, David Ferri's lighting design, Peter Melville's set design, Ashley Hunt's video design and, most of all, the remarkable talents of Mr. Rousseve's seven-member dance group. The troupe brings remarkable, full-throated strength to the stage, from djembe drummer Olivier Tarpaga's wildly exuberant dancing to a woman gamely chewing on, then spitting out, red hot peppers, seen on video as tears stream down her cheeks.

Through it all, the exuberant humanity, flashes of wit and sadness shining through this provocative work give it a surprising and haunting afterlife. Mr. Rousseve's work needs to be seen here more often. How about the Kennedy Center next time?”

New York Times

“…shattering dance/theater… (the audience) stood up and cheered.”

Chicago Tribune

“Rousseve tears down the walls between dance, theater, and popular music, and excoriates social plagues- racism, misogyny and AIDS among them…this is a brave new world, maybe even a turning point in the viability of the form in this country."

Chicago Sun Times

“ Roussève’s work is a call for grace, a cry to reunite with some large universal framework… inspired, ingenious work.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“In times of terror, plague and sadness, the necessary answer can be simply hope...  David Rousseve, one of this country’s most inspired and inspiring dance makers, understands this well….”

The Washington Post

“Rousseve displayed a remarkable flair for fusing storytelling, characterization and a deftly explosive movement style into deeply affecting statements of personal and social conscience.”

New York Times

“…packs an authentically emotional whallop.”

Village Voice

“Roussève’s irony, wit, cool, and honesty freshen every familiar theme….he tells stories with such wry grace that the horror of what he’s saying becomes all the more pungent.”

New York Magazine

“Rousseve makes his text so rhythmically attractive and so rich in its shifting tone, it could seduce even a listener who knew no English…”

The Guardian (London)

“David Rousseve is…a masterly exponent of today’s autobiographical or confessional theater… He is also a virtuoso in one of today’s leading musical theater genres.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

“Casts a powerful spell…David Rousseve captivates with tales of love and hurt, laughter and sadness.”

Houston Chronicle

“Rousseve pokes fun at an injustice, then reveals the horror that lies underneath…in incredibly funny and vivid stories…”

The Observer (London)

“David Rousseve is a great storyteller…  He draws the audience in… then he flips from the specific to the general, stirring compassion for all afflicted creatures.”