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An original intersection of documentary, dance-for-camera, and dream-like fantasy, Two Seconds After Laughter creates a border-jumping dialogue on a universal irony:  The heart longs most for the one place to which it can never fully return… home.  With a narrative inspired by choreographer Sri Susilowati's experience of leaving Java to become a dancer in America, Two Seconds… is a conversation on the nature of memory; a cry of longing caused by separation; and a fable-like tale of the joys and emotional dislocation experienced by contemporary immigrant peoples.  Weaving stunning cinematography (shot in Yogyakarta, Java and edited by Cari Ann Shim Sham*), traditional Indonesian dance, postmodern Sundanese music, and an emotionally-potent narrative, the film resonates as a meditation on the nature of being alone in a fast-moving transnational world.           

The main storyline follows Susilowati’s memories by way of a rapid-fire chronological narrative punctuated with explosions of dance, music, and sumptuous imagery.  The film begins as she returns to Yogyakarta after 20 years, and recounts a joy-filled childhood, an adolescence of growing isolation, and an adulthood defined by dislocation as she moves to America.  This main narrative’s emotional through lines are told through the dancing of Susilowati and three other sublime practitioners of traditional Javanese dance, who happen to be the actual women Susilowati studied beside as fellow students in the Indonesian School of the Arts, Yogyakarta (indeed, Two Seconds was shot in a residency at the Institute).

Known for his award-winning dance/theater, this is the second short film directed by renowned director/choreographer/writer David Roussève.  Roussève’s works for stage are known for fusing the ‘no-limits theatricality’ of Pina Bausch, the relevance of Spike Lee, the kinetic propulsion of Twyla Tharpe.  The director/choreographer’s dance/theater company REALITY has performed throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America including three critical and popular successes at the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Roussève’s dance-films have screened internationally and he was twice Fellow in Sundance Feature Development Program’s Screenwriter’s Lab.  Two Seconds... is his first collaboration with Shim Sham*, whose film SAND recently screened at the Austin Film Festival and at Cannes’ American Pavillion.  Roussève and Susilowati choreographed with a vocabulary uniquely combining Indonesian dance with a postmodern gestural vocabulary.  Original music is by Yogyakarta-based composer Yohanes Subowo who layers traditional Javanes and Sundanese music with postmodern structures.   The film is perfo

Two Seconds After Laughter



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rmed by Susilowati and a team of stellar faculty and students from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.